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It's all about the listening experience.

How-to guide video audio classics audio settings modern warfare soundgil placing audio arrangement

The way the stereo is placed can significantly affect the sound field. Here's how to create the best sound field in space:


  • Height: 

​Place the speaker on the speaker stand at the level of the ear.

For more detailed and accurate effect, you can even point the mediant and treble drivers at the ear level.



  • Angle: 

​Basically, the front end of the speaker is toe-in and slightly twisted toward the center, facing the audience.

If the speaker cannot be placed in the position mentioned above due to space limitation, you do not need to worry too much.

The most important thing is left-right symmetry, which can achieve accurate sound positioning and good sound field.



  • Distance:

The best distance between the speaker and the listener is 1 to 2 meters!

Too close will cause phase problems; too far will cause volume attenuation problems.

In addition, the distance from the wall to the speaker shall be at least 10cm.

The closer the audio to the back wall, the more the bass will show, which can be freely adjusted.

At the same time, you can adjust the bass and treble in time in the SOUNDGIL Cube APP.



How-to guide video audio classics audio settings modern warfare soundgil audio pad footers hard wood steel

The next step is to find the right cushion material, like natural materials. Good cushion materials not only can reduce the impact of vibration, but also make the sound clearer and produce good timbre.

  • The use of the original wood can make the voice conveyed warm, soft and pleasant to hear, but compared with the sound is not better than using steel or stone.

​It is better to choose hard wood as the material, and the recommended wood are Dalbergia odorifera and Rosewood. The suggested thickness is 3 to 5 centimeters.


  • The sound conveyed by steel cushion material is of high density, fast speed and clear audio and video. However, it is hard and cold.

The recommended thickness is about 1 centimeter.


Basically, the harder the material, the brighter the treble will be. On the contrary, the softer the material,

the softer the sound will be.


Users can adjust it by themselves. If there is no above cushion material, users should avoid putting the stereo on glass, or hollow materials because this would result in sound resonance and muddy effect.





Audio Warm-Up and Run-In:


The most fascinating aspect of audio equipment is that you may become an experimenter because different placement methods cushion materials, and even listening time present different music effects.



  • Warm-up: The main purpose of warming up the audio is to keep the DAC activated, so you can turn the volume to the maximum. You can warm up the audio for 10-30 minutes before using it every time. After warming up, you will find that the sound will be more flexible and smoother.


  • Run-in refers to the continuous use of the audio system for a long period of time to age the speaker drivers, so it won’t make stiff and sharp sound, and make the sound mellow and sweet to the maximum. (Usually the speaker cone of the new driver and overhangs are tighter, and the sound is relatively tight, so the sound field is not wide enough and the sound image localization ability is slightly worse, either.) Many audio lovers liken “run-in” to driving a new car so that all parts can run in for a period of time to achieve the best working condition.

As far as our small CUBE system is concerned, the volume can be adjusted according to your actual situation. In principle, the sound should be as large as possible, and the music to be played must contain high, medium and low frequency.

how-to run in speakers warm up speakers

The influence of music sources on sound quality

Since the advent of the CD, the sampling rate of digital audio sources has remained at 160bit / 44.1kHz for quite some time. However, a large number of high-resolution music above 24bit / ß96kHz has been released recently, and the sampling rate is three times that of CD. It is commonly referred to as high-resolution sound source. 


Why is there a high-resolution audio source with a sampling rate exceeding CD and up to 96kHz?


First of all, it is difficult for the human ear to hear pitches as high as 20 kHz. However, if the overtones are generated with a pitch of 300 Hz (low frequency), even if it is as high as 20 kHz (high frequency), the human ear can easily recognize it.


Secondly, because humans do not discern ultrasonic waves like bats, they cannot identify pitches with frequencies as high as 40 kHz. However, if the overtones are generated with a pitch as high as a frequency of 40 kHz, the human ear can feel it even if it cannot recognize it.


The selling point of high-resolution audio source products is to record the ultra-high-frequency overtones that the human ear can't recognize, but can feel it in the audio source, so as to improve the quality of music.

(Excerpt from "Science and Practice of Sound Reproduction", by Kazuhiro Nakamura)


At present, the audio source quality of online music streaming software such as KK BOX, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. are all 160bit / 44.1kHz similar to CD. If you would like a better audio source, Qobuz, Tidal and other lossless audio streaming software are some good options.

music source flawless file mp4 wav ape cd file how-to tidal kkbox spotify qobuz qqmusic youtube music

In 1919, the American physicist Arthur G. Webster invented the exponential type corner horn. Due to the efficiency as high as 50% (the efficiency of the general moving coil horn is only 1-10%, the efficiency of the Klipsch horn horn is about 30%). Soon it was widely used in theaters, stadiums and other places that require loud sound. read more...

Music without boundary 【Sarah McLachlan】

Sarah McLachlan is well-known for singing the movie "X Lover" episode "Angel", and let the world know her with a clear and sweet sub-soprano; the success of this Canadian creative talent is not accidental. She has received a wealth of music education since she was a child, guitar and piano. She has accumulated a lot of creative energy. She has won the Grammy Award three times and the Juno Award eight times. Sarah is not complacent about it, and she has even initiated the Lilith Fair for the female singer-songwriter music festival. Actively run in public welfare activities.

Sarah McLachlan's gentle, soft and fresh and refined voice, transmitted through the speakers of SOUNDGIL, highlights the clearness and transparency of the human voice, making people clean all their tiredness, as if they are in the clouds.
Classic: Sarah McLachlan 〈Angel〉
"In the arms of the angel..." Through Sarah's perfect interpretation, the clean and ethereal voice filled "Angel" with a light but strong sadness.

The lyrics gently interpret the struggles of drug addicts. The pace is slow and sad, but with a warm aura, it leisurely tells the tortuous psychological process of drug addicts. Because hoping to save the soul from suffering temporarily through forgetting,  choosing to take drugs.

All the narration through songs is so natural that people can't help but feel compassion; but Sarah hopes to awaken addicts with singing. Such forgetting is short-lived. , There must be sorrow in life, learning to embrace sorrow can truly escape the pain.
"Angel" was included in the album "Surfacing" released by Sarah McLachlan in 1997. Sarah wrote the lyrics and music. It was later selected as an episode of the 1998 movie "City Of Angels". It is more well-known, but it is not a movie volume. The songs created by the body can warm the sad heart with the same melody.

Music without boundary 【Pink Floyd: Eternal Legend】

Pink Floyd started out in London, UK. Formed over five decades ago, the band is known for its experimental and conceptual style. Then taking the music industry by storm with its 250 million records sales across the globe, Pink Floyd has a status on a par with The Beatles, for the rock and roll music fans.

In the early days of the music industry, Pink Floyd started with psychedelic rock and roll music and later received international acclaim with their progressive music. Pink Floyd portrayed the social conditions at the time and presented the dark side of the society with music to provide catharsis. Pink Floyd brought on a perfect fusion of music and life, thus becoming an epochal canon in popular music.

Along the way, the band went through turbulence, break-ups and make-ups. In their later years, the band members focused on releasing solo albums. Nevertheless, Pink Floyd has made a solid benchmark in the history of popular music and repeatedly shaken and energized the music industry.


“Wish You Were Here”

Pink Floyd created the album, “Wish You Were Here”, in tribute to Syd Barrett, who at one point led Pink Floyd from an underground band to the mainstream, but left the band due to drug addiction. It was Syd who brought the band in its early phase to psychedelic infusion.

Its previous album, “Dark Side of the Moon”, achieved much commercial and artistic success and subsequently gave the band members a taste of fame. The long-standing creative tension between David Gilmour and Roger Waters started to grow about that time. So in the beginning of the album production, band members were all half-hearted about it, lacking mutual understanding and communication. Then Syd Barrett as a member that had left the band paid a surprise visit which turned the band around, and as a result, the album was saturated with reminiscing sentiments for Syd Barrett.

The eponymous song, “Wish You Were Here”, has a ballad-like melody coupled with elegant yet easy-to-comprehend lyrics, carrying a touch of sorrow and reminiscence. Embedded in the song are memories, questions and epiphanies on life, leaving one overwhelmed and filled with emotions.


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First step to Hi-End, placing, warming up, music source